These are some links to a few sites that I think are worthwhile.

Caliber Comics. A very deserving publisher who's books you may not be aware of but which you might like if you check them out some time. Oh, and by the way, they also publish some of my work.

Caliber Comics

Here is a link to some more links that will inform you about the music scene in the Sacramento area, at least, the Punk and independent parts of it, which are arguably the only parts that matter. This link will also take you to Moo-La-La Records, where you can buy hard to find punk and weirdo records, CDs and tapes. Moo-La-La Records is an enterprise operated by Scott Soriano. He also compiled the links here. I probably ought to warn you that this site contains rampant vulgarity, and even a disconcerting anecdote about Obi Wan Kenobi.


If you play guitar and like to learn new somgs or just want to find out what the lyrics are to some of your favorite songs, then you'll love this site. It's got the words and chords for hundreds of song by tons of well known and obscure recording artists.